The Secret to Hiring Stellar Employees Who Stay

What helps employers find better employees? Most employers utilize online employment websites such as monster, careerbuilder and craigslist or they use the long trusted classified ad for posting employment opportunities with their company. Some employers have even taken the online screening process to a new level by checking out potential employees on Facebook in an attempt to qualify candidates. Discussing the relevance of that topic is better left to a separate article.

Although most employers today are pulling employees from basically the same pools, what can they do to give them the edge on hiring the best candidate as well as retaining that candidate once they become an employee? If you hire a person on the first meeting, you can be sure that it will not be the same person in two weeks. You’re taking a risk. You truly are calling on the luck of the draw if you base your decision on the first interview. Typically, you show the best version of yourself when you first meet someone. How about after meeting someone for the fourth time? The four step process requires applicants to show up in person four times. Those able to follow through and are consistent in their demeanor are the ones who really want the job.

Outlined below is an effective hiring process that you may not be aware of, but is more time-efficient and cost-effective than most hiring process in the long-run. If your company has been experiencing a high turnover rate and you are looking to make a change to your hiring process, then pay close attention to steps outlined below. Here’s a proven recruiting and induction system on how to get the cream of the crop.

The 4 hour format is designed to give 1 hour meetings over 4 times with 1 or 2 days in between.

Step 1

The first time you meet is in a group. (Don’t tell applicants beforehand that it is a group interview.) The first meeting let’s you see how they interact with other people as you identify their personality profile. Near the end have an impromptu stand up session where applicants tell the group about themselves and why they should be hired over everyone else. A typical group is about 8-10 applicants. Companies often require group work, and this meeting is designed to weed out people who do not perform well in a group.

Step 2

Prior to the next meeting, one to two days later, you will narrow your group down to the qualified number of candidates. Only these candidates will be brought back for the 1-on-1 deeper interview, which will include an overview of: job expectations, their work history and ethics, etc… What’s important to the process in this step is that you pay attention to their punctuality, attire, demeanor, and overall presence. This is where you will get the first inclination as to whether the person at the first interview is the same person in front of you now. The number of candidates you take to this step isn’t as important as the level to which the candidates are qualified.

Step 3

Two to three days later will bring the remaining qualified candidates back for a reverse group interview. This is where they meet the rest of the team or the portion of the team that is pertinent to their position. This time each of your team members can ask questions to assess if the applicant is qualified and the candidate has an opportunity to ask any questions they may have. What’s important for you at this point is to pay attention to the dynamics of your team and the candidate in order to determine whether they will work within your organization. Identify what three things are absolutely essential for this applicant to do well? Include your existing team members in review of each candidate’s performance.  Now that you have seen the candidates three separate times you can take the face-to-face experience from each meeting and consider if they were consistently punctual, courteous, and dressed professionally. At this point you should have narrowed your group down to one candidate that has met or better yet exceeded the job requirements.

Step 4

This is the actual final interview and hire, you will welcome back only the candidate(s) you are prepared to offer the job to. At this point you have considered their performance across all three previous meetings as well as your team’s input. You should find that you have a well qualified candidate who is serious about accepting a position within your company.

One final thought; it is very important to remember to close the door at step 1 if the applicant is not able to abide by your expectations. Follow this process to the letter and you will hire qualified employees who will stay with your company much longer than an employee hired from one interview, thus saving you money.

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