Michelle Beltran (12)Michelle A. Beltran is an author, and life coach. She has become a leading international authority in the spirituality and life coaching arena, specializing in intuitive life coaching and counseling. She is the owner of RWM, LLC.

Michelle has studied under internationally known instructors at the nation’s top psychic training schools. She has used her gift as a life coach to help everyday people, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, therapists, professional athletes, CEOs, students, doctors, lawyers, celebrities, housewives, teachers, and others who are seeking to understand life and live it wholeheartedly. She recognizes that all of us seek to perfect our own humanity and to achieve lives that honor the soul.

Her life began in Northern California, where she grew up and attended elementary, high school, and college. She earned a bachelor’s degree in political science and soon after was encouraged by her father to seek a career as a law enforcement officer. While in the United States Air Force, she traveled throughout the United States and Far East and often found herself thrust into situations requiring her to manage things in an alternatively authoritative and tactful manner. As a probation officer working in different social situations, she learned to deal with human problems in a way which demanded new approaches. She came to realize there is more to the human condition than she formerly assumed. This gave her insight and understanding into the needs of different individuals, their personalities, and problems. She came to know that human beings are not only capable of great change, but they also have an infinite capacity for achievement.

A former professional cyclist and lifelong fitness enthusiast, Michelle finds much of her coaching incorporates nutrition, health, and fitness. Her clients find this extremely beneficial. She credits her experience of participating in a competitive sport with much of her success in coaching and she is thrilled to share her knowledge with clients. She marvels at her unforgettable experiences racing abroad with the Giro Italia with Forno d’ Asolo international cycling team, as well as two invitations to the US National Development Team Camp at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

“Professional cycling brings a never-ending growth process, much like that of being a psychic,” says Michelle. “I believe deeply that balancing health and nutrition promotes vitality and psychic intuitiveness.”

A coaches talents are to be cherished, and Michelle values the wonderful ability she has to see beyond chaos and unravel the best next step for her clients. She is lauded for her ability to tune in to life situations and is happy to provide direction necessary for her clients’ greatest well-being.

Michelle’s coaching sessions are unique in that they provide guidance and serve to teach others how to stand in their own empowerment. Her sessions teach clients how to access their internal internal voice and trust it. Whether clients are endeavoring to work through a relationship, change a career, or make a business decision, Michelle employs all of her coaching skills and gifts to help them see what is next for their lives.

About Mars Venus

Mars Venus is the global phenomenon founded on the principles of author and speaker, John Gray, Ph.D. His 30 years of experience in the fields of psychology, relationships, communication, personal success, productivity in the workplace, wealth generation, and coaching systems have made this company a world leader in personal and professional coaching.

At Mars Venus Coaching, we provide training programs, workshops, life coaching, and executive coaching services that dramatically enhance personal and organizational performance in the areas of leadership, teamwork, communication, relationships, and life-management skills.

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